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Merchant Cash Advance (MCA)

A big part of running a successful business is managing your cash flow. While a merchant cash advance (MCA) may seem like a good idea at the time, many of these companies engage in predatory practices. Unfortunately, you could wind up with expensive bills that could threaten your bottom line. That's why Business Debt Counsel can help you with an MCA settlement, so you can get your operation back on track.

Merchant Cash Advance Consolidation in Texas?

​In Texas, anyone can become an MCA lender or broker, meaning that there are many shady individuals looking to take advantage of small business owners. Because this industry is unregulated at the state or federal level, it's very hard to fight these practices and get the money you need to run your business.

Fortunately, Business Debt Counsel can provide legal consultation and help you consolidate or settle your MCA loan. We'll bring years of experience fighting these kinds of cases to ensure you can wind up back on top and get out from under these businesses.

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Debt Choked Your Company in Texas

MCA brokers and lenders are after one thing - your money. While an MCA loan can make sense in some situations, many lenders utilize shady practices to get more from your business than they deserve. They'll charge exorbitant fees and make it so you can't turn a profit with your business.

We've seen MCA brokers and lenders choke out local Texas companies time and time again, and we're here to fight for your livelihood. We understand the challenges you face, and the last thing you need is a predatory lender robbing you of your hard-fought earnings.

Let Us Assist You with MCA Debt Consolidation!

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Your business deserves to thrive

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Merchant Cash Advance Attorneys in Texas for Help

One reason why MCA lenders can get away with exploiting small businesses is that the industry isn't regulated. Because these contracts don't work like a traditional loan, they don't fall under state or federal jurisdiction. So, if you need to build a case and fight against the lenders, you must work with an experienced MCA attorney.

Our team knows how to handle these kinds of cases, and we can work with you to consolidate or settle your loan so you can get back on track financially. Without experienced legal assistance, it can be virtually impossible to fight these claims by yourself.



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I had 5 open cash advances totaling over $300,000. BDC Group worked out all of the settlements and saved me 55%!!

Cindy A - Louisville, KY

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People Are Asking

What's the Difference Between a Merchant Cash Advance and a Loan?

An MCA works by lending you a lump sum and then recovering the money by charging a percentage of your sales. The percentages and rates can vary substantially from one company to the next. A loan, however, comes with a fixed repayment plan with interest based on factors like your company's credit score and history.

What Happens if I Default on an MCA Payment?

Defaulting can lead to some significant problems, so it's imperative to contact our team before that happens. Even if you call us after the fact, we can still help you get out of the choke hold these companies can have on your business.

Do I Need an MCA Attorney to Settle My Loan Debt?

If you're struggling to make payments and need to adjust your loan terms, the best option is to work with an attorney. Think of it this way—the MCA lender will have their own lawyers, so you need representation too.

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